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Carp in a garden pond?
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Carp in a garden pond?

Good morning all, just a quick question really, we've just had a garden pond dug, a fairly big one and I want to put some carp in it...

Not Koi but rather commons or mirrors, two questions:

1) Are there any special requirements which differ from Koi?

2) Where is a good place to buy from? Whenever I search Carp For Sale all I seem to get are fish farms or breeders, not really looking for loads just one or two.

I have spoken to Steve from Water Fisheries who has given me some good advice, his carp for sale range from 1lb through to 16lbs.

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I would say the biggest concern comes with health. Some Koi are so expensive that people even do surgery on them and spend tons on health care.

That being said the biggest thing I find with outdoor ponds is water temp, predators, cleanliness, water quality.

Do check with local suppliers as they will have some great ideas for the area. If you are prone to really warm weather, ensure your pond is shaded or has optional shading. Shade can make a huge difference in a heat wave. Likewise you can buy pond heaters for those really cold snaps and cold nights depending upon your local climate.

Predators. In Canada we have mink, muskrats, otters, raccoons and other predators running around and seagulls, herons, and some other birds that can really take a toll. Cormorants, loons and merganzers on larger ponds. Screening off the pond can make a huge difference. Just make sure the screening is strong enough to not get pushed down into the water and pin them.

Cleanliness. Natural gravels and cleaning and water changes can help ward off diseases.

Water quality. Keeping your O2 levels high with a water fall or fountain as well as not over populating your pond is critical. In some areas adding a bit of pond salt and increasing the salinity slightly can help.

Read up and post a picture. Would love to see it.



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