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May 28, 2016 Langara Island Fishing Report
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May 28, 2016 Langara Island Fishing Report

2016 Season Opening Report
Posted on: May 28th, 2016

Langara Fishing Lodge Langara Island Lodge

Bill Gibson, Langara Fishing Lodge Manager

Welcome to the first report of the 2016 season at Langara Island — our 32nd year of great fishing here in remote Haida Gwaii! Tight lines and happy landings to everyone joining us this year, or just wishing they were!

Langara Fishing Lodge welcomed its first guests earlier this week, and is kicking off the 26th Annual Haida Gwaii Tournament today, with over $185,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs. And our first guests at Langara Island Lodge should be stepping off the helicopter just as we’re posting this report.

Anticipation leading up to this season has been sky-high, and we’re eager to see how it develops. The past few years have been truly spectacular, with each snatching the title of ‘best ever’ from the one before. Chinook salmon numbers have increased steadily each of the past three years; our visiting whale populations are larger than ever and are more actively feeding around the island; and even the weather has been record-setting, with the start of last season featuring an unprecedented five-week run of no rain.

These have been heady days for fishing at Langara, and all signs are pointing to more of the same for this season. Chinook salmon runs destined for BC rivers are projected to be very strong, and agencies monitoring the Columbia River — a major source of the salmon we encounter at Langara — have forecasted one of the highest Chinook returns in the past 80 years.

So before we report on this first week’s action, let’s stop to count our blessings and remind ourselves that every fishing spot has its inevitable quiet days, and that salmon populations will inevitably fluctuate. And let’s remind ourselves of the value of responsible resource management and long-term conservation measures — we’re very appreciative to all of our guests who have helped support Langara’s ongoing contributions to fisheries research over the years, helping to ensure the great fishing we enjoy here continues for years to come.

Prior to our first guests arriving, our staff had been out testing the waters around Cohoe, Andrews and Boulder Points since mid-May and were hitting salmon on almost every outing. Most were teen-sized, but several in the 20s and a couple of released 30s were also found.

All the positive signs we look for when we first arrive at Langara Island were clear to see: Humpback whales were here in good numbers, bait was showing up around the points, and the Bald Eagles and various sea birds that greeted us out on the water all seemed well fed.

Our first group of guests arrived on Tuesday and were hampered a bit by weather and strong NW winds. But it lost velocity Thursday, opening up more of the island.

Cohoe Point and Andrews Point have been the better spots for most of this trip. Andrews gave us our first Tyee of the season late Thursday afternoon — a beautiful, and very promising, 38-pound Chinook. Around the same time, around the corner at Little Cohoe, another Tyee got snatched by an extremely large Killer whale near the boat.

Some salmon were also found off Langara Rocks on Thurs, both in close and farther off-shore, at the beginning of the flood tide. But the better bites seems to be showing up around Boulder and Seath Points, then up to Cohoe and Andrews, on a daily basis. Most of the fish are being caught close to shore and at regular depths from 10-20 pulls.

The Graham Island shore is also great in the early season for random Halibut bites, so don’t be surprised to find some nice chicken-sized ones if you’re fishing these waters.

The highlight of this past trip was certainly seeing three generations of the McCallum family fishing together, led by 90-year old Donald who brought in a beautiful 27-pound Chinook. Talk about living the dream.

Lots of Humpback whales can be sighted on the horizons, with plumes catching the morning and evening light. We even had a juvenile Humpback come tight up to our docks yesterday looking for needlefish.

The weather seems to be improving this weekend with a shift to light SE coming and bringing us some liquid sunshine.

Overall, it’s been a great opening week here at Langara Island. Hope to see you soon!

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I am off to go fishing to Langara tomorrow morning. Weather looks a bit breezy and kinda rainy.

Fortunately I am not going to sun tan. Just hoping the salmon are moving through and giving us something to chase!

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