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B.C. is known the world over as the ultimate Salmon fishing destination. Chatham Sound is located in between two of the world’s greatest Salmon producing river systems, the Nass River to the north, and the famed Skeena River to the south, making it the prime Salmon fishing destination. These rivers produce all five of the Pacific Ocean’s species of Salmon. The Great Pacific Salmon Lodge fishing season begins in late May, when the Chinook Salmon migration begins. Also known as Spring or King Salmon, these are the prize fish for any and all sport fisherman. Chinook Salmon are extremely powerful, and the largest of the Pacific Salmon. The world record sport caught Chinook Salmon came from the mighty Skeena River, just south of Great Pacific Salmon Lodge, and weighed just shy of one hundred pounds. An average weight to expect is between twenty and thirty pounds, and at this weight you will be amazed by their power. If you are lucky enough to tie into a Chinook over thirty pounds, known in the sport fishing world as a Tyee, you are in for an incredible fight that will put a smile on your face, and an ache in your arms. These Salmon don’t give up, so it’s a battle of length and persistence. You will see why they are known as King Salmon!

The next to arrive are the exciting, acrobatic Coho Salmon. Also known as Silvers, the Coho salmon arrive in mid June, and are migrating through until mid September, when they are at their largest. These fish are stunning, and their beauty is matched only by their exciting aerial battle, as they leap high in the air to throw a hook. Coho Salmon are ferocious predators. When they start to show up, Coho average around seven pounds, but as the summer goes on, they will gain about a pound a week, and eat just about anything that moves! In their last six weeks in the Pacific Ocean they will double in weight in order to bulk up for their incredible journey up the mighty Nass and Skeena Rivers. Later in the summer, Trophy Coho up to twenty five pounds have been taken in the waters around Great Pacific Salmon Lodge. Strong Coho Salmon runs provide non stop action! Great numbers allow for Salt Water Fly Fishing and Catch and Release opportunities. On light fly rods, ocean Coho have become a great targeted species for Fly Fishing enthusiasts.

Also in late June, Pink and Chum Salmon show their presence on their way to the Nass and Skeena Rivers. Pink Salmon are not as sought after as the other mentioned Salmon, but will provide exciting action, especially for youngsters. They average around five pounds, and put on a good show. Chum Salmon on the other hand are great fighters, and average around twelve pounds, but can weigh as much as thirty pounds. Their fight is like a cross between a Chinook Salmon and a Coho Salmon. Chum Salmon will jump, dive, and run to throw a hook, and they can be as bright as a dime when caught in the ocean, great for photo opportunities.
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Title: Great start to the fishing season for Great Pacific Salmon Lodge!
May 21, 2012
For: Great Pacific Salmon Lodge

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Review for: Great Pacific Salmon Lodge
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Review: For a great time fishing
By Member: rockdoc
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