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Coho salmon numbers are building up and Chum are in the hunt.
Last edited on: Aug 08, 2013 09:44:41 PM by LangaraSuz

The guests have had to migrate with the fish this trip, as most of the salmon seem to have moved from the Graham Island shoreline up to Cohoe Point and Andrews Point.

Masses of bait have been hanging in this general area, and the smaller tides this week haven't been strong enough to push them out nor keep the salmon concentrated.

On some tides the salmon are being found shallow and the next tide they're done around 30-50 pulls. Most of the bites are happening closer to shore, although its sometimes been better offshore in 200-250 feet of water.

This area has also seen a huge increase in Coho and Chum salmon activity. The Coho are growing in average size each week and some of the Chum are pushing mid-teens.

Chum don't get a lot of respect compared to the more desirable Chinook and Coho, but this species is probably pound-for-pound the toughest Pacific salmon. If you spend 20 minutes battling what you think is a good size Chinook, only to net what looks like a mid-size Coho, you've probably bagged yourself a hard-fighting Chum. These fish are very good cold-smoked or lox, so including one in your limit is not a bad choice.

A few boats that have been working Parry Pass near Bruin Bay have been rewarded with some nice action. Every 20 minutes there seems to be spurts of salmon there, and its almost always Chinook, with minimal by-catch.

The offshore drift near Coneehaw Rocks on the ebb has also been working, with hits typically between 20-40 pulls. And our largest salmon this trip so far is a 38-pound Chinook taken from nearby Boulder Point.

For Halibut fishing, our key 10-15 pounder has shifted a bit east. We're now seeing more consistent success north of Pillar Rock in 150-180 feet. This hole has provided some nice chicken-size fish over the last few trips. The winds have been just strong enough to hold us on the east side of the island, but are forecasted to be a bit lighter the next few days so we are hoping to get out west for some more serious bottom fishing this weekend.

The Transient Killer whales weren't seen this trip, after they had been a constant presence the last couple of weeks. They did a great job of scaring off the sea lions, so we'll look forward to their arrival again. The Humpback whales still seem to be feeding offshore. The distant plumes we see on the horizon tell us they're still in the area in good numbers, but we've had much fewer sightings close to the island compared to recent years.

The usual assortment of Bald Eagles and sea birds can be seen flying about. And we also spotted a Pomarine Jaeger.

Bill Gibson, Langara Fishing Lodge Manager

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Join Date: 2017-11-03
Fish Roe
Reviews: 1


"What a great trip"
Review Created On: Nov 03, 2017
Overall Rating:
This was a fantastic trip. The fishing was absolutely incredible, we went home with our limit of salmon, halibut, and rockfish. After a hard day of fishing the staff were very welcoming and the food was what you would see in a high end restaurant. I will defiantly be back sometime in the near future!

Visited: Aug 2017

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Join Date: 2017-09-25
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Fish Roe
Reviews: 1


"Fisherman's Dream Come True "Langara Fishing Lodge""
Review Created On: Sep 25, 2017
Overall Rating:
Being used to roughing it on fishing trips, Langara was the total luxury 1st class experience for me. Everything from the accommodation, food (the pig roast was brilliant), boats and gear were all top notch. All the staff were excellent particularly our guide Matt who got us into some fantastic world class fishing fun. This is the place memories are made from and I'm glad I didn't pass up this opportunity with my buddy and his sons.

Visited: Sep 2017

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Join Date: 2012-06-11
Location: Cochrane, Alberta
Fish Roe
Reviews: 4


"Amazing is a New Normal re the Langara Fishing Lodge Experience"
Review Created On: Jun 13, 2016
Overall Rating:
I just returned from my seventh experience with the Egan/Husky fishing adventure. High seas and another amazing and unique experience is what I have learned to expect as a normal for this adventure. Anchored by wonderful customer service, Bill and Suze run a fine operation in this remote and wild environment unique in Canada. The scenery makes this vacation experience truly remarkable. It changes every trip and I am looking forward to my next opportunity to return to the Langara Fishing Lodge

Visited: May 2016

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