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Predator's Pen - Saltwater Fishing Report - July 7th, 2016
Last edited on: Jul 07, 2016 04:44:38 PM by Predator Charters

Hello Fellow Anglers

The bubble finally burst on our extended springtime local Chinook fishery. THere is still the odd fish getting taken off Salmon Rock and in and around Tunstall Bay, but the very good action that was in those locations for several weeks from late May through mid to late June has finally slowed. The focus of our local fishing opportunities is now shifting into Vancouver Harbour around Pt. Grey and off West Vancouver. Over the past week or so, some nice sized Chinook have been hooked in both locations, though Coho numbers off West Vancouver are less than expected as of right now.

After such strong numbers of Coho were present off South Bowen during early June, we did expect to see a much better Coho run off West Vancouver starting this July, but I think the wet weather has contributed to the lower numbers we are presently seeing. Some of those rain events in June were quite significant and good numbers of Coho already entered into the Capilano River when its water levels rose. We could still see a good Coho fishery this summer, but we will need to have a decent stretch of dry weather first in order to allow their numbers to build up again off West Vancouver

What is great to see is that the Chinook fishing over off Gabriola became very good in late June, and it has continued into July. The Chinook look to be a mix of US hatchery "reds" migrating back down to Puget Sound, our "whites" that will be headed up the Fraser in September, and some of those "August reds" that we are expecting to provide an excellent Chinook fishery off the mouth of the Fraser starting in about a month. The fish are of a great size (generally low teens to low 20's), and over the past week I have been hooking into half a dozen to more than a dozen of them on each trip across. There are also a few Coho over there, though typically I don't hook into too many of them since I am mainly dragging bottom in 150 to 250' of water for Chinook....not your typical Coho feeding depths.

Remember, trips over to the Gulf Islands require a minimum of 8 hours due to the distance we need to travel, and this also provides us with the time to target species other ​than Chinook. We also need relatively calm winds for these trips as we are crossing about 20 miles of fairly open water. If you do book for a "Gulf Island" trip, and it is too windy to go, I have no problem rescheduling for another day if you want or we can just fish locally instead.

Charter rates for 2016 are as follows: For one or two people the rate for or a 5 hour charter it is $550 + GST. If there are 3 people in your party it is $580 + GST for the 5 hour charter, and if your group has 4 people in it the rate is $605 + GST. Additional hours are $95 + GST.

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"Great day on the water September 25 , 2012"
Review Created On: Sep 27, 2012
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I had the pleasure of fishing with David Korsch during a very tough fishing period due to a lack of rain flooding the rivers. No rain, little salmon movement but using his experience, skills and willingness to go the extra mile to try everything from trolling to jigging to casting we managed to catch one 22 lb chum salmon, one 9 lb wild coho salmon and one salmon shark. When all other boats went home skunked...we saw some action and great conversation! Thanks a bunch David and I hope it start

Visited: Sep 2012

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