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Predator's Pen - Saltwater Fishing Report - June 4th , 2013
Last edited on: Jun 04, 2013 01:33:08 PM by Predator Charters

So far it looks like we are going to have one of those banner years with regards to the Gulf Island Chinook fishery. Over the past week the action has remained very good, and has actually been better on average than it was early in May. Even yesterday (June 3rd) in sloppy conditions and with whales passing just outside us twice during the day we had 15 Chinook hit! On a couple days last week we had some extremely hot bites over a period of an hour or two where Id start to think there was something wrong with my gear if we went 10 or 15 minutes without hooking a decent fish.

The fish are still being located in good numbers offshore in deep water, but now they are also on the structure of Thrasher Rock and close to shore along Gabriola from the Grande to Whalebone Bay. While these fish are continually moving through towards the Fraser and other rivers down in Puget Sound, reports from further West in Georgia St. indicate that there are large numbers of Chinook all the way up past Comox. This just means that we have a continual replenishment of new fish fish will that will continuing down towards Gabriola Island and Thrasher Rock for at least the next two weeks. All we need to hope for are calm seas so we can make the crossings.

On the Vancouver side of Georgia St. there are some options for those who do not wish to do longer trips to the Gulf Islands or on those days when the winds are too great. Defence Islands has been producing some very nice fish lately (I got a 29.5 lb up there on May 28th), and Salmon Rock/Gower Point has been popping out some nice fish in the past week. Indications are that there are good numbers of Chinook being caught further up the sunshine Coast all the way to Powell River, so hopefully that means we will see good numbers of those fish arriving off the Camp Byng/Gower Point area through mid-June as we have seen in past years.

There have also been lots of early Coho already going up the Capilano River and quite a few getting caught off Gabriola, so my fingers are crossed that we will see a strong West Vancouver Coho fishery this summer once the water levels in the Capilano River drop (likely not until July).

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"Great day on the water September 25 , 2012"
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I had the pleasure of fishing with David Korsch during a very tough fishing period due to a lack of rain flooding the rivers. No rain, little salmon movement but using his experience, skills and willingness to go the extra mile to try everything from trolling to jigging to casting we managed to catch one 22 lb chum salmon, one 9 lb wild coho salmon and one salmon shark. When all other boats went home skunked...we saw some action and great conversation! Thanks a bunch David and I hope it start

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