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What to Bring Salmon Fishing?
Last edited on: Apr 24, 2021 04:38:57 PM by Kevin

Help me! I don't know what to bring! The last thing anglers do prior to departing for a salmon fishing trip at a fishing lodge is the frantic packing of gear. Often this is when tensions run high, panic ensues and the night’s sleep is fitful and restless.

Why do people put themselves through this unnecessarily? I know I've fallen victim to my own lack of preparedness. Some attribute this to the hectic pace that society’s tread mill has us on... while for others it just comes down to plain and simple procrastination. If you are a seasoned veteran of fishing trips, then you know what you should bring but sometimes things are forgotten. For newbies to the whole traveling to go fishing scenario, it can be a little crazy trying to become confident you remembered everything to need to have a fun and successful fishing trip.

The first thing you need to do is find out what the lodge or resort recommends you bring. If your lodge has a specific charter flight or helicopter trip component to a remote location then likely they will have specific weight requirements. If you are not traveling by charter flight and/or helicopter then likely you are only limited to what you can fit in your airline luggage or car trunk. For businesses needing a flight weight limit, these limits are critical to the business for a variety of factors such as the changeover days and transportation logistics. While changeover day seems like mass pandemonium to us fishermen... for a quality operation it is a well-oiled and time tested chaos of people coming in and going out, fish going out and refuse going out, new groceries and gear going in and so on. It is a real logistical beast so let us do our best to help make it run smooth.

We guests play an important part in all this. Firstly by just showing up on time and not getting lost, but secondly our luggage impacts take off and travel weight limitations for planes and helicopters so keeping within the weight limits is critical. Some businesses are very specific with what you need to bring, others not so much. Some businesses provide shampoo, a hairdryer, rubber boots and rain jacket and pants or a floater suit. These are bulking and heavy items so supplying them to the guests really helps the overall weight requirements.

In the end... so that you don’t panic I recommend having a check list of some kind. I have attached a sample check list that has been crafted over many, many years... and no... you do not need to bring the kitchen sink or a hair dryer most times. I would also recommend you pack and weigh your travel bag at least a couple days before the trip as well as fill all prescriptions at least 2 weeks before your trip.

Good luck and may all your gear be packed and all the salmon be under your boat!

Check List

• Maximum 25 to 30 lb weight depending upon the lodge
• Soft duffle bag is usually preferred as it is much easier to get into oddly shaped luggage compartments in small planes and helicopters.

Remember this list is subject to changes, additions etc. please use common sense and contact the organizer or business for any specific questions!

Recommended to bring:

• Fishing License. Check with the company. In the past they supplied licenses however now usually you need to buy online. Print off an extra copy in case it blows away. You can not fish if you don't have one.
• Binoculars
• waterproof bag (sized for camera equipment and other items)
• camera (batteries, charger, lots of memory card(s)), lens cleaner
• video equipment (charger, batteries, lots of memory)
• gloves, waterproof will keep your hands warm when boating around
• rain hat
• Fishing Buff (stops wind and sun burn and keeps your face warmer when traveling)
• quick dry toque (it can be cold on the ocean with the breeze)
• sunglasses (glasses cleaner, case and cloth)
• sunscreen, chapstick (sun and windburned lips is a common and often unexpected problem)
• bathing suit (there is often a hot tub) and the ocean if you are brave
• personal toiletries (including razor, charger, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
• personal medications (serious medical issues should be disclosed to the lodge), eating supplements (lactaid, fibre supplements, vitamins etc.), GRAVOL (I prefer 12 hour tablets versus 4 hour), patches etc. as you require and with physicians approval if needed), insulin, heart medication, antibiotics, blood pressure pills and any equipment needed for medical purposes. Often people notice last minute that critical prescriptions run out so a scramble ensues to get a new prescription and have it filled.

For a 5 day, 4 night trip, the warm clothing recommendation is as follows:
• 1 pair of polar fleece pants - wear under rain pains supplied by lodge.
• 1 pair of polar long underwear (usually not needed however valuable if we hit a cold front and it has happened)
• 4 pairs of wool or fleece heavy socks to wear in your rain boots
• 1 regular pair of socks change into after fishing to walk around
• 5 shirts
• 5 undergarments
• 1 pair of shorts (optional)
• 1 pair of jeans (or other pant to walk around in after fishing)
• 1 light wind/rain breaker to wear around after fishing
• 1 long sleeved polar fleece jacket for warmth under rain suit
• 1 polar fleece vest additional warmth layer under rain suit

Optional gear:

• fly fishing gear (rods, reels, extra lines, leaders, flies, forceps, snips, stripping basket) optional depending on the trip
• If you are self guided or wish to cut your own bait you may wish to bring some Medi Touch Nitrile Extra Long Cuff Powder Free Medical Examination Gloves. They can be worn under wool gloves to keep your hands warm when traveling as well as keep them warmer and cleaner when cutting bait and baiting hooks (many guides use them)
• if your lodge or charter has limited standard gear you may wish to bring a few surprises for the fish. Jigs and jigging spoons like Mac Deeps and Sting Zeldas can catch salmon and also Jig-a-lu for bottom fish and can make for some exciting fishing action.

Not required items:

NOTE these items are usually not required. Please confirm with the organizer or business if you are unsure.

• Rain coat, rain pants, rain boots, life vests, floater suits, hair dryers, shampoo.

Last but not least remember the difference between checked bag and carry on. Never under any circumstances send critical medication, wallets, money, car keys, medical equipment etc on checked baggage. Also take as carry on. Be cognizant of the transportation laws in the region you are traveling. Equipment such as batteries often by law must be in carry on luggage. If crossing borders...medications and equipment may be illegal in the other country so contact authorities before travel. Being delayed at an airport can cost you money, a delayed trip or a missed trip.

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