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Worth its Weight in Gold
Sep 02, 2012
High in the Albertan Rockies, where the trees have forsaken any attempt of growth and the windswept slopes are adorned only in delicate grasses and fragile flowers, lays two sets of lakes.
Group Fishing Trips: Old and New Friends Together
Aug 21, 2012
From a young age my two grandfathers instilled in me the principles of frugality, pride in ownership and respect for living within your means. They both grew up during the First World War, struggled through the Great Depression and then fought in World War II. So they knew through experience that making every penny count is important.
Kedgwick River Magic - Part 1 - In Pursuit of the “King”
Jun 16, 2012
You are about to get a glimpse into the unique – and some might venture to say - extraordinary world of Atlantic salmon fishing, featuring my experiences at the Kedgwick Salmon Club, located on the Kedgwick River, in the province of New Brunswick, Canada.
Kedgwick River Magic - Part 2 - The Club
Jun 16, 2012
The Fraser Paper Company established Fraser Lodge on the Kedgwick in 1952. There was an ownership change several years ago, at which time the name was then changed to the Kedgwick Salmon Club.
Kedgwick River Magic - Part 3 - The Fishing
Jun 16, 2012
For those who pursue the King in a serious way, it’s not so much about fishing as it is a calling, or perhaps even an obsession.
An important reason to take a kid fishing
May 10, 2012
We live in a world where children are less and less connected to the outdoors. It’s a major concern for many Americans, and fortunately there are organizations doing everything they can to combat this issue.
Thymallus arcticus
May 10, 2012
While the aforementioned Thymallus arcticus, or Arctic Grayling, clearly bears no resemblance to a salmon whatsoever, these scrappy little guys are actually members of the salmon or Salmonidae family.