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Building a Bamboo Fly Rod - Part 1
Nov 12, 2012
Since the 1800’s the natural beauty, strength and resilience of Tonkin bamboo has captured the imagination of traditional fly rod makers. Their wonderful action and smooth casting ability make them the ultimate tool for fly fishing the traditional realm of streams and rivers.
“Styling” On the Kogluktoaluk
Oct 13, 2012
After many years of planning, the stars and planets were finally in their proper alignment and I was about to make my first trip to the legendary Tree, or Kogluktualuk River in Nunavut, to fish for what are arguably the worlds biggest Arctic Char.
Roosters on the Beach!
Oct 09, 2012
Roosterfish are such an amazing creature to see and catch in Baja. You can catch a rooster from the beach or the boat, but the beach offers the experienced angler a challenge like no other.
Tackling Tackle - Part 1
Sep 29, 2012
While buying fishing tackle can be a very enjoyable experience it can also be darn frustrating at times. The selections are mind numbing, everyone claims that their stuff will out fish and out last everyone else’s and prices range from downright cheap to the ridiculously expensive.
Tackling Tackle - Part 2
Sep 29, 2012
Snobs “R” Us - DO NOT be a brand snob. Just because it’s not made by one of the big manufacturers with all manner of pro endorsements it doesn’t mean that it won’t do the job for you.
Tackling Tackle - Part 3
Sep 29, 2012
Time to Stock Up - Have you ever asked yourself what the well stocked tackle box for the average angler that fishes for Bass, Pike and Walleye contains? In my opinion it looks something like this.
Un estilo españoles aventura de pesca con mosca!
Sep 13, 2012
While fishing with a group in Argentina two years ago I ran into a gentleman at the end of the day who was breaking down his gear by the rivers edge, where we were putting out. I politely introduced myself, offered him a cold beer and asked how his fishing had been that day?