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Permit Hunting – Mentally Taxing, Soul fulfilling! - Part 2
Oct 05, 2013
Permit eat a wide variety of marine life, from grass shrimp, small conch and lobsters to juvenile octopus. Permit are opportunistic and eat the same food day after day if it remains plentiful. While the ways of this fish are still quite mysterious to us, we do know that the bulk of the permits diet in Belize consists primarily of crabs.
Permit Hunting – Mentally Taxing, Soul fulfilling! - Part 1
Oct 05, 2013
If you’re serious about pursuing permit with a fly rod, then at some point you absolutely have to go to Belize. Certainly, there are other locations where the permit fishing is excellent (Cuba/Mexico) and good (Honduras/Florida Keys) but none of these places offer a better level of consistent permit action than Belize does.
Rapids, Riffles, Spring Holes and Brook Trout
Dec 15, 2012
When studying a river from a Brook Trout fisherman’s perspective, I suspect most of us tend to think in terms of rapids, riffles runs, pools, shallows, bends, water levels, obstructions and current breaks. But what of spring holes?
Split Cane Rod Care
Nov 25, 2012
Considerable time, care and experience have gone into the making of a hand crafted bamboo fly rods to ensure that they will last for generations to come.
My Airline Lost My Fishing Equipment!
Nov 17, 2012
Our trip to Belize was planned perfectly, down to the flies we were going to have. Life was great, the flight was great, and then the most dreaded of all problems occurred when the airline lost my buddies checked luggage with all fishing gear. He had lost rod tubes, reels, line, hooks and wading boots…ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING was missing.
Building a Bamboo Fly Rod - Part 3
Nov 13, 2012
Whether mounting the ferrules or putting the finishing touches on the rod, without a doubt, craftsmanship and attention to detail is key.
Building a Bamboo Fly Rod - Part 2
Nov 13, 2012
Preparing the bamboo, tapering the strips to form the splines and gluing, binding and finishing the blank are key steps in the rod building process.