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Why Do I Fish?
Mar 02, 2014
I am often asked why I fish. I see no way to answer in a short reply for what I see is the bigger question "why don't you fish?" needs to be understood.
Cuba Quest For Bonefish and Tarpon! - Part 1 - Bonefish
Feb 22, 2014
Cuba is an interesting fishing destination with a mix of sun, fun and existence living. In a backdrop of a communist country you have amazingly friendly people and absolutely beautiful and productive water. The plentiful bonefish and tarpon will make your heart race and bring a giant smile to your face!
Kovac II Ice Master Ice Auger/Power Drill Conversion
Feb 19, 2014
PRODUCT REVIEW Innovative product to help the ice fisherman who want a new "tool" to chase the fish with!
Sushi Goodness Made Simple
Feb 09, 2014
I have been a steady sushi restaurant customer for over 20 years. In my mind making sushi was this strange and complicated process to get delicious sushi to my table. Only recently did I discover how wonderfully simple it can be.
Cuban IWTF Ghost Shrimp - Best Bonefish Fly Ever!
Feb 02, 2014
Now I will not purport to be an expert fly tier nor lead you astray into thinking my method or color choices work the best. Down in Cuba it seems this color gotcha work pretty good. All I am is just a sub average fly tier that shows even the simplest of skill can still produce good results!
Flying for fish...not flying fish
Jan 18, 2014
The 9/11 tragedy has completely altered the traveling landscape for all of us, regardless of whether we're flying domestically or internationally to fish. You need to know some tricks so the only trip stress you have is staring down an approaching fish, not a security officer.
Permit Hunting Mentally Taxing, Soul fulfilling! - Part 3
Oct 05, 2013
Because of the subtleties associated with permit fishing, you absolutely have to have a quality guide when targeting these fish. Understanding permit, knowing where to consistently find them, and how they will react in certain situations, takes years of experience to fully grasp. And you want this experience working for you!