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Mexico - Latest News & Articles
Successfully Catching Yellow Perch - Part 2 - Technique!
Jan 18, 2015
Part 2 – Finding the striped green and yellow ghost. We have reached another season of snow blanketing the ground and bright snow lit days punctuated by cloudy shades of grey. This hard water winter time is my favorite time of year for perch fishing. Greater mobility has it's advantages when it comes to tracking perch down.
Successfully Catching Yellow Perch - Part 1 – The Gear!
Jan 18, 2015
We have reached another season of leaves changing from the fertile color of sun drenched summer green to dramatic artistic splashes of yellow, browns and reds. Changing seasons in North America also bring with it changing methods for catching the vivacious yellow and green Perca fluvescens (yellow perch).
Cuba Quest For Bonefish and Tarpon! - Part 2 Tarpon
Nov 21, 2014
Cuba is an interesting fishing destination with a mix of sun, fun and existence living. In a backdrop of a communist country you have amazingly friendly people and absolutely beautiful and productive water. The plentiful bonefish and tarpon will make your heart race and bring a giant smile to your face!
What to Bring Salmon Fishing?
May 28, 2014
Help me! I don't know what to bring! The last thing anglers do prior to departing for a salmon fishing trip at a fishing lodge is the frantic packing of gear. Often this is when tensions run high, panic ensues and the night’s sleep is fitful and restless.
Charting Unguided Waters
May 16, 2014
There were 67 of us at Langara Fishing Lodge. My buddy Paul and I decided due to circumstance to go unguided and we were really, really happy we did! Unknown to us we had a surprise fishing day in store for us.

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